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  • ADB review mission from 30th October to 07th November 2017

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  • Work in Progress (Progress Reports)

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  • सीवरेज संयोजन हेतु सहमति पत्र - डाउनलोड

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  • Workshop on 24 X 7 Water Supply

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  • Financial Progress

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Slum Improvement

Interventions will include providing of bulk water supply and sewerage mains at the entry of slum areas, improving to solid waste management, access roads, street lighting, and drainage in poor communities and slums. The Program aims to cover around 300,000 poor people accounting for about half the State slum population. The selection, approach, and strategic responses to the broader issues of slum population and poor communities will be based on a state slum upgrading strategy to be developed at the outset of the Investment Program. A demand-led approach to developing community-level infrastructure and services will be followed. Slum upgrading subprojects will be generated through a participatory planning process by communities with the assistance of community-based and non-government organisations (CBOs and NGOs) as applicable. Support will be provided to ULBs and communities for effective joint functioning in developing, implementing and sustaining community based urban upgrading schemes. The component will benefit from and build on existing CBO efforts and GOU’s schemes on poverty reduction. Initially based on the slum policy of the State and upgrading strategy, basic infrastructure will be improved in 69 slums in Dehradun, 20 in Haridwar, 10 in Nainital and 16 in Rudrapur.