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    18 May 2021 Click here


Integrated Urban Infrastructure Development in Haldwani 

This project total US$ 270 million ( 80:20) (INR 2025 Crore) has been posed to ADB by DEA, Govt. of India dated: 29.12.21.

Goals and Objectives- 
To improve the Haldwani town infrastructure by developing sustainable state of art
infrastructure, integrating clean and green development, to enhance the living standards and
improve the health and well being of people. Project is planned to achieve through systematic, effective planning, focused
implementation and through procedural monitoring of services leading to improved
governance. The project will ensure the improvement of urban infrastructure in the prioritized areas
with approach and emphasis focused on overall development of the city.

Activities Involved- 
Master Planning for Haldwani town (Blue & Green Master Plan); 24x7 drinking Water
System; Stormwater management; Public sanitation facilities; Smart urban spaces;
Conservation of water bodies; Rain water harvesting system, vending zones; Transportation
hubs & ICCC; Municipal Roads & Pedestrian, traffic Management, Green mobility &
Parking; Bus terminal; GIS based property mapping & asset Management; Capacity
building, Institutional strengthening & effective Governance.

OutPuts of the Project- 
Improved Water Supply & reduction in NRW; Management of stormwater & groundwater
recharge; Rain water harvesting, Rejuvenation of water bodies, Sanitation with treatment
including septage; Recycle and Reuse of treated wastewater for Domestic/Industrial
purpose, Smart urban space/Green spaces/parks for better environment; vending zones for
commercial activities; Effective urban transport &traffic management, vehicle free zone for
pedestrian; Bus terminals & Electric vehicle charging stations, tourist facilities,
Development of wi-fi enabled infrastructure in the city, GIS based master plans

Outcome of the Project-
Self-sustained Haldwani town with robust infrastructure, improved quality of life, with
enhanced health& hygiene; Potable water, storm water management and ground water
recharge, Sanitation with improved quality and health ; Protection of Natural resources;
Ease of mobility and reduced traffic congestion; Increased tourist footfall; Improved
economic opportunity with Service delivery; improvement of living standards and reduced
carbon emission; Improved gender equality, Social inclusion & citizen participation.