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  • Pre-Bid Meeting Reminder for Package No- WW-DDN-01, WW-DDN-02

    12 January 2021 Click here

  • Tender For Package No- WW-NTL-01

    14 January 2021 Click here

  • Site visit for WW-NTL-01

    18 January 2021 Click here

  • Tender For Package No- WW-DDN-01, WW-DDN-02

    01 January 2021 Click here

  • Advt. for the Post of Chief Coordinator(Contractual)

    01 January 2021 Click here

  • COVID-19 Jan Aandolan OATH 09.10.2020

    09 October 2020 Click here

  • UEIMS Beta Version Portal

    26 February 2020 Click here

Roads & Traffic Management

Interventions will aim at improving traffic conditions, reducing journey times, and improving safety of all users and particularly the most vulnerable (pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists) through a combination of investments. These will generally focus on major roads and include (i) road widening and strengthening to create greater road capacity, thus relieving congestion and easing traffic flows; (ii) car parking restrictions and provision of multi-storey car parks, and bus and truck terminals, where possible, through PSP to improve passenger convenience and increase road space ; (iii) providing of pedestrian subways and footpaths to improve pedestrian movement and safety; (iv) improving traffic management improvement; and (v) street lighting for improved traffic and pedestrian safety and security.